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Rosa Postlethwaite

Rosa Postlethwaite is an artist from Leicester. She currently lives in Newcastle upon Tyne where she produces and hosts, cabaret-style night of performance, PUG and makes Live Art performance.

Rosa plays with recognisable formats like lectures, tannoy announcements or wine-tasting events and stretches them to shake up the taken-for-grantedness of the way things are. Informed by feminist theory her artworks aims to acknowledge, respond to and resist the systems of oppression that shape everyday experiences.

Rosa’s work is self-reflexive, biting and surprisingly, funny.

Most recently, Rosa co-wrote and directed comedic theatre work, An Evening with Savvy B with performance artist, Hannah Walker which toured the North East in 2016. Her performance works, Centre (2014) and The Anatomy Lecture Theatre (2014) were commissioned by international festivals, the Infecting the City Festival and GIPCA Live Art.

Rosa is currently in a the first phase of R&D for her solo project, composed (2017) working with multi-media artist, Dawn Felicia Knox, dance artist, Lizzie J Klotz with mentorship from Professor Lois Weaver. She is also working as a dramaturg on Dance City Associate Artist, Lizzie J Klotz’s project, Fawn (2017). She regularly performs in cabaret works and interventions at venues across the North East.