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Sahjan Kooner

I’m an early career artist filmmaker who makes films and installations which explore memory, trauma and material violence in relationship to place. My family are migrants to the UK from India and moved to England in the 1960’s, the conversations of loss and mourning form an integral part of my practice as I always think and operate within a questioning of the autobiographical/personal/political.

I have been increasingly exploring ideas around intergenerational memory and experience in the Indian diaspora, recent works have been expanding on ideas around the social body and its relationship to place, geopolitics, violence, geology, ecology, botany and memory. Using testimony from individuals and groups alongside research from diverse sources such as literature, journalism, human geography, video games, critical theory and history, I produce work which has an expansive approach to draw distinct connections between disparate locations and ideas.

I am currently developing a film for a solo presentation entitled ‘Yādadāśata’, which explores transmissions of knowledge through those aforementioned systems in the Indian diaspora. An ongoing work which has been operating on a longer timescale within my practice is ਟ”ਕਰ Ṭakara, this work is in an exploratory stage and I would be keen to test ideas and material investigations out during the collective studio. The work centres on terrain positions ( Aerial, Terrestrial, Subterranean) in relationship to the villages of North India, I am planning on exploring a 400 year overview of the geo-social history of the villages from those aforementioned positions, currently I am concentrating the research and material investigations on questions around prosthetic memory, architecture, politics of place, domestic life and marginalised voices.

Exhibitions and Events

2020 ’52° 35′ 28.9320” N, 2° 6′ 38.6928” W 30° 54′ 3.4740” N, 75° 51′ 26.1972” E’, Solo Presentation, Asylum Art Gallery, Wolverhampton
2020 (Yādadāśata Bāaga), The Spaces Between, Group Show, Wolverhampton Art Gallery, Wolverhampton 2020 Rabbits Road Press Spring School, Online Contributor, Virtual Location
2019 Future Thinking Workshops, Guest Artist, Grand Union, Birmingham
2019 Morning Exchange @ BCU, Lead Workshop, Bread-making as sculpture, Birmingham
2019 (CAMPFIRE) at the periphery, co-curated by Sahjan Kooner, Birmingham
2019 Jarman Award Screening Tour Q&A with Hetain Patel and Sahjan Kooner, Birmingham
2019 EOP Summer Camp annual exhibition, part of Showreel, Eastside Projects, Birmingham
2019 Rabbits Road Press Summer School, Resident Baker, London
2014 Goldsmiths Degree Show, London


2020 Heterotopias, Asylum Art Gallery, Wolverhampton


2021 Publishing Project, Publication exploring international artists practices, Melbourne, Australia
2020 Heterotopias, Published on the occasion of Solo and Group Presentations in Wolverhampton, UK


2014 The Elke Lacey Award, Goldsmiths, University of London

Yadadasata ਯਾਦਦਾਸ਼ਤ