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Shelly Knotts

Shelly Knotts is an artist-researcher who produces live-coded and network music performances and projects which explore aspects of code, data and collaboration in improvisation. She performs internationally, collaborating with computers and other humans.

My practice as a sound and technology based artist involve working with code, data and networks to generate audio visual performances. I am interested in the interaction between humans, data and algorithms in the real world and my work uses sound performance as way to interrogate these interactions through play. Real world algorithms are often (deliberately) opaque, yet shape our lives in complex ways, in my work I aim to make human interaction with algorithms visible and to critique social implications of real world algorithmic biases.

She has performed at festivals worldwide including SXSW and Mutek both solo and with collaborative projects including algo-pop duo ALGOBABEZ (with Joanne Armitage), OFFAL (Orchestra For Females And Laptops), and live coding performance [Sisesta Pealkiri] with Alo Allik. In 2017 she was a winner of PRSF The Oram Awards for innovation in sound and music.

Previously she was an academic, researching on projects around the use of AI, data and networks in improvisation and composition and related social themes.