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Sheree Angela Matthews

My practice is diverse in more ways than one. I am an artist and writer of Afro-Caribbean decent. A diverse artist specialising in words, photography, painting, mixed media and collage. I choose the medium which will best communicate my ideas about my self and the way I see the world  around me. I am a teacher and mentor believing that everyone is creative but it’s those who take the initiative and effort to utilise this gift who become the artists. Creativity is transformative. So I use my art to explore ‘the self’, becoming the best version of myself as well as supporting others in their pursuit of self through the arts. I take my influences from the natural world around me, rewilding in the process, marrying myself closer to Mother Earth and my wild authentic self. Issues I explore within my work include the natural world, global warming, identity, self-image, body image particularly with Black Woman, sensuality/ sexuality, heritage, performance and the power of the gaze.