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Sneha Solanki

Sneha Solanki is as an artist, educator a producer, working independently and in collaboration. Her practice employs methods of cultural agency, citizen science and surveillance- extending to performance, sound and installation. Her work is often supported by political, economical and social elements which are then re-used, re-enacted or re-appropriated as records of historical, current or emergent uses of technology.

Solanki has worked collaboratively with ‘open-source’ methodologies, made work from the invisible signals from military bases, with plants and with computer viruses enacting cold war politics. Recently her projects include- ANALOGUE IS NOT DIGITAL’ / the ‘DEATH OF ANALOGUE’, an archive and curatorial project marking the end of analogue television, 2012; and Super-natural, an ongoing work animated by synthetic biology and the enlightenment period of witchcraft.

Exhibitions / events / talks / projects / residencies include; Polytechnic director, 2002 – 2012, Super-natural- TRANSITIO, Mexico city, MX & AV Festival, Newcastle-upon-tyne; Synthesis Lab, Arts Catalyst, London, UK; Cultivation Lab, Our Land is Your Land, CCA, Glasgow, UK; The Black, White and the Grey- Ode to Dj Dangermouse and the Commons, Arts Council England North East; M.O.D Jukebox & Blindspot, Spectropia, Riga, LV; Reclaiming the Nostalgia of Kitchen Science, Open_Sauces, Brussels, BE; TIMEBOMB, ICA. London,UK; The_Lovers, Museum of Modern Art, Belgrade, CS, Brown University Watson Institute, Boston, USA and the Post & Tele Museum, Copenhagen, DK.