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Stephan Aal

Artist Statement:


I am primarily a ceramic artist. I make in my own workshop in rural County Durham. I make both functional and sculptural objects in stoneware. I am keen to make them as interesting, unusual and satisfying to hold or use. Each piece is unique and I spend much of my time thinking about and creating that uniqueness. I am strongly influenced by the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi , a set of aesthetic principles rooted in Zen Buddhism. These ideas stress simplicity, traditional materials and beauty arising from well executed functionality.


Artist CV:


I have been creating my own Art in a variety of media including Ceramics and Carved and Painted Wood since 2010. Prior to that I had worked as a Manager and Producer in two theatre companies, making work for Young audiences. I still do design and making for theatre projects. I also ran a festival of theatre for children and young people. I have also worked as an Arts Administrator in a Dublin Arts Centre and as an Arts Officer in a Local Authority.