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Taylor Silk

My artistic practice is currently focused around rug making; the tactile aspect of rug making has turned my images into objects that are intended to be touched and interacted with. I use my work to explore my own sexuality and

have used my image making to express a counter opinion to a heavily conservative schooling

environment where I was constantly in trouble for expressing interest in queer and alternative

cultures and literature. This is something I believe has moulded my desire to create.

In my recent practice I have just finished making a suit made from rugs for a South London Magazine

called Swim. (notaswimmingmagazine.com) The domestic and therefore gendered connotation of

rug and dress making is something that I am excited to be exploring in my work: I remember reading

that Louise Bourgeois’ mother made a collaged tapestry of penises that she had removed as a

seamstress from ‘modest’ aristocrats’ tapestries. It’s these playful and everyday acts of female

rebellion that have always fuelled my passion for creating art and finding likeminded “disobedient”