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Tess Denman Cleaver

Tess Denman-Cleaver is an artist and researcher based in the North East, working with theatre and performance.

Her practice explores how live performance functions as a dialogic space in which socio-political and philosophical issues are addressed. In process and performances Tess uses performance making as a collaborative research method, through appropriation and collage she creates multi-vocal theatrical experiences for audiences and participants. Generally text-based and often drawing upon personal accounts, her performances invite others into creative dialogues about difficult questions that effect everyday life. Tess’ work ranges from performative installation to theatrical production.

Tess graduated from Trinity College Dublin with a BA in English Literature and Philosophy in 2008. She is currently undertaking a PhD at Newcastle University’s Culture Lab, looking at the politics of participation and collaboration in the field of live performance.

Tess is artistic director of Tender Buttons theatre and performance company ( which she founded in 2010 with Nicola Singh. Tender Buttons works in partnership with Leeds based producers, Dep Arts.