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Tyler Moorhead

As an artist, designer, environmentalist and mental health advocate, I’m interested in renewable human resources – our ability to regenerate a collective sense of meaning, purpose and will, despite the complex pressures of daily life. Exploring the balance of tensions between social and personal fragility, I feel tenderness for those made brittle or weak by the struggle. I make work at the threshold of emotional fragility, as a catalyst for social cohesion, considering the sustainability of the individual ‘under pressure’, within the context of identity and place. Working in three dimensions I pursue art as experience at the intersection of design, performance and place-making. Taking an anthropological approach to contemporary practice, I’m engaged with imagining cultures of the future, based on a composite of universally recognised moments of mental peace.

Drawing inspiration from games, ancient ritual, fashion, esoterica and the natural world, I develop work as artefact within site-specific environments. Using playful and sensory interventions to alter perception or mood, I seek to develop shared sense-memories that become part of a collective emotional language we can all access.  As a metaphysical challenge, I try to identify and capture the essence of human spirit in vulnerability, converting the emotional, the idealistic and the ephemeral to experiences of beauty, wonder and joy.