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Yusuf Dongo

Yusuf Dongo is a visual artist, born in Nigeria. Yusuf grew up in Ijebu-Ode, Ogun state. He had his primary and secondary Education in Ogun state, he further proceeded to study Fine and Applied Art at Obafemi Awolowo University (2012-2017) Ile-Ife, Osun State.

He’s a Painter and a Sculptor. He gets inspired by his immediate environment and expresses his feelings by creating art. He uses rubbish and trash to create luxury art. As an upcycling artist and repurpose artist, he has helped to curb pollution in the country. He uses found objects and discarded automobile parts to create his sculptural pieces.

His artworks tell stories about his immediate environment and explore African proverbs, Yoruba folklores and proverbs. He is an expressionist artist. Yusuf is a full-time artist who just finished studying for his master’s degree at De Montfort University Leicester. He enjoys creating animal forms with metal thereby using his work to give life to lifeless materials. He has participated in different workshops and exhibitions. Few among his exhibitions include “So far the idea” (2017), “Upcycling the new economy II” (2019), “Dream group exhibition” 2019, “Exploring Covid-19 through the lens of Art” (2020), “Being Here” (2021), “Emergence” (2021) amongst several others.

Dongo Yusuf’s passion for exploration of waste is unfathomable. Due to this hunger to explore, he ventured into using scrap metal as a primary medium of expression. Most of his works are figurative sculptures. His art simply attempts to project history, culture and societal issues. Hence, he uses art to depict historical events at a glance and also uses proverbs, folklore and folktale to make social commentary. Using folklore, folktale and proverbs expose him to the use of animals to express some of his ideas. Consequently, he uses symbols to communicate in such a way that the message he hopes to pass across reaches the audience and encourage intellectual discussions that concern the society. His passion is geared towards seeing himself giving meaning to what was once considered a junk thereby turning scrap to luxury. As an artist who specializes in upcycling, he is exploring more scientific and technological means to recycle scrap metals with the sole purpose of curbing pollution in the environment. He wants his art to be seen from a perspective that rubbish can become ruby, trash can turn treasure and waste can give wealth under the right conditions.


So far The Idea 2017

Upcycling The New Economy II 2019

Dream Group Exhibition 2019

Exploring Covid-19 Through The Lens of Art 2020

Being Here 2021

Emergence 2021


De Montfort University MA Fine Art 2020 – 2021

Obafemi Awolowo University BA Fine Art 2012 – 2017