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Events Practice makes Practice

PMP: By Artists, For Artists – A workshop with Gordon Douglas and Calum Bowden

Mon 26th September 2016 Annex

By Artists, For Artists
facilitated by Gordon Douglas and Calum Bowden

By Artists, For Artists was an open-research workshop centred on the main focus of A Social Residency: how do we maintain, sustain, and contain self-governing infrastructures like the art scene, and what place does the peer group of resemblance have within this. Drawing from advertising slogans, political speeches, queer theory, and moral philosophy, we interrogated what it means to believe that ideal design is designed through resemblance. In the context of Practice Makes Practice, the workshop provided a critical reflection on one of the central tenets of the programme ‘run by artists, for artists’, and was an opportunity to critically talk about the organisation as a common resource.

Calum Bowden is a designer and writer, working with video, song, and performance. His projects embrace absurd and surreal interactions between people and technology. With a background in anthropology, he’s interested in the politics of how stories live and are lived by people.

By Artists, For Artists is programmed by Gordon Douglas as part of Practice Makes Practice – A Social Residency.