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Oct 2020 - 2021 Online

3rdWAVE is a 3-stage exhibition/workshop featuring indirect collaborations and responses between members of the current and previous Collective Studio programme.

The project was instigated by Will Stockwell as a follow-up to SCRAMBLE – an exhibition at Pineapple Black in Middlesbrough by last year’s cohort, which was rudely interrupted by the global pandemic, and closed after its opening night.

3rdWAVE is a way for the two cohorts to connect. The aim is to foster a cross-pollination of ideas and establish a dialogue between the cohorts. It was planned as a real-life exhibition, but under the circumstances, it’s going ahead a little differently online. Hopefully it forms the basis for real-life activity in the future.

You can see the evolving results over on the devoted website. Each surfer icon on the homepage links to a unique webpage, which has gradually been populated with layers of work by old and new Collective Studio artists, which you can click and drag to navigate between the layers.

There’s three “waves” of work. 1) An echo or re-presentation of the work from SCRAMBLE by the old Collective Studio cohort; 2) New Collective Studio members’ responses to this; 3) New artworks conjured up by members of both cohorts in a collaborative process. You can re-jig the webpages and arrange the work in pleasing configurations and juxtapositions yourself.

“Scramble opened right at the beginning of the pandemic, which disrupted some of the momentum we had gained as a group. Here we reconnect in the same (virtual) space and explore our new circumstances and perspectives as artists. “


Visit the work-in-progress project at and keep checking back as more work is added!

This event is accessed remotely online.