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A Partial Index

Tue 29th September 2015 Shop

A Partial Index


we were joined for a drink and some alphabet soup to celebrate the launch of the publication, A Partial Index, edited by Tijana Stevanović and Peter Merrington.

Although traditionally the index is seen as the visibility regulator for the ideas housed in archives and more complex webs of significance – the publication attempts to propose a different treatment of what an index may be.

A Partial Index documents a two-year project led by Stevanović and Merrington, exploring the processes and ideas of indexing, curating and public engagement within a post-graduate
research environment. Together they worked with a group of research students at Newcastle University to produce a series of events and exhibitions in response to a call by QuILT (Quality in Learning and Teaching) at Newcastle University that would enhance post-graduate research students’ experience.

In order to avoid making a dictionary that would describe only one possible category of subject, A Partial Index offers a space for playful re-imagining, questioning the existing and introducing new terms that have formed the quotidian practice of students in higher education context today.

The publication follows the exhibition A Partial Index developed by the group at BALTIC 39 in summer 2014, part of BALTIC’s FIGURE TWO programme. The exhibition presented the work Acapulco to Byker, an exhibit-as-process, created through the performative act of indexing as a means of exploring social history, architecture and the archive.


Edited by: Peter Merrington & Tijana Stevanović. Kindly supported by Newcastle University Post-Graduate Innovation Fund, BALTIC 39, the school of Architecture, Planning & Landscape, Newcastle University and Newbridge Books.

ISBN 978-1-908452-63-4