ASSET ARREST – Laura Yuile
Residency at ZK/U – Center for Art and Urbanistics

Laura Yuile undertook our two-month residency at ZKU – Center for Art and Urbanistics, Berlin in May – June 2019.

Laura’s residency explored the political meaning, related “global” aesthetic, and community impact, of current property developments within Berlin. This interest stems primarily from the fact that property prices in Berlin have been increasing quicker than any other city in the world over the past few years; and is a continuation of recent research into luxury property developments in London that has produced the “private performance” series Asset Arrest. Laura engaged in ongoing site visits during her residency, inviting different individuals to engage in site-(un?) specific conversations.

We are excited to share ASSET ARREST – a podcast series in which each episode is set around a viewing of a different luxury property; led by Laura (posing as a potential buyer), with a different invited guest each week (posing as her partner/friend/uncle/advisor/mother/etc). Conversations cover the guest’s own work as well as urban regeneration, the neoliberal city, housing crises, globalization, global blanding, authenticity, exclusion, and community. Through this series, she hopes to review, map, archive and intervene in the spreading of the type of “generic” luxury property developments that are marketed to a global elite.

Listen on Soundcloud:

Episode 1: London City Island (East London), with artist and researcher Alberto Duman

Episode 2: Schönhauser Allee 55 (Berlin), with architectural theorist Tatjana Schneider

Episode 3: Living Levels (Berlin), with architect Rosario Talevi

Episode 4: Charlottenburg (Berlin), with researcher Pablo Arboleda

Episode 5: Krausnickstraße 1 (Berlin), with artist and cultural entrepreneur Jan Van Esch

Episode 6: Winsstraße No. 59 (Berlin), with architect and researcher Ana Filipovic

Episode 7: Gleis Park (Berlin), with researcher Helge Peters

Episode 8: ÜBerlin tower (Berlin), with artist Semâ Bekirović

Episode 9: Liberty Quay Student Housing (Newcastle), with Professor Roger Burrows

The episodes are also available via iTunes and various other podcast platforms!

The podcast series has been made possible through our ZK/U Residencies, which are part of a collaborative research project between The NewBridge Project, Durham Universities PUrSI (Politics of Urban Social Innovation) Project, and ZK/U – Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik.




Laura Yuile (b. Glasgow) is an artist based in London. Laura’s work is multidisciplinary, incorporating video, sculpture and performance, and exploring notions of the domestic and the urban through the intimate (or public) matters of living together; ideas of care and maintenance, and the effects of globalization and technological development upon everyday life and the social units we form. Laura has exhibited and screened internationally at venues including nGbK (Berlin); Apexart (New York); The Blackwood Gallery (Toronto); Recent Activity (Birmingham); Mauve (Vienna); t-space (Milan) and Collective (Edinburgh). She has undertaken residencies with Temporary Art Platform (Beirut); IOAM (Beijing) and The White Building (London). In 2015 she was an associate artist at Open School East in London, and she is currently undertaking an AHRC funded practice-based PhD in the Art Department at Northumbria University, titled Infrastructural Cosiness: At home in the network.

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