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B U F F E T // Call For Proposals

Thu 30th August 2018

We are looking for creative content to be added to the menu of BUFFET

6.00 – 9.00pm 

The NewBridge Project : Gateshead

Buffet is a visual potluck—an occasional gathering which invites participants to both bring and share a ‘dish’ — this could be a personal interest, curiosity, your collection or anything else which may entertain and provoke. Each person brings something along, whilst also taking part in the other activities.

An arty show & tell / excuse to ask people to show us their weird hobbies, rejected work, questionable collections, mutant projects, and so forth. If you have something you’ve been working on or thinking about then this is your opportunity to share it with others.

BUFFET is a series of talks, workshops and activities presented in a FUN and SILLY way. Each person will bring something to the experience whilst also taking part in the other activities. Previous examples include: a how-to workshop, a group singalong, a therapy session and a slideshow of holiday snaps…

You are also welcome to attend the event without presenting something.

We need people to welcome us into their worlds! If you’d like to present at our BUFFET event please email with your topic and one-paragraph description.

In the session you will need to make arrangements for an activity that will last 5 – 10 minutes max. Silliness and weirdness encouraged!

BUFFET will be brought to you by Vicky Carr and Stina Poutinen.

Vicky is a graphic designer and educator based in Salford, at Islington Mill, where she shares the Engine House studio with 12 other independent creatives. Her practice mainly focuses on design for arts and culture clients, in particular designing books and other publications. Vicky is interested in creative networks and supporting structures, and what creatives get up to when they are not ‘at work’, both to support themselves and for fun.

Stina is a visual artist and occasional curator; her work explores questions of communication and relationships, the (mis)interpretation of objects, actions of spontaneous collaboration and the creation of social space through sculpture, installation and sometimes performance.

Stina and Vicky founded BUFFET together initially as an idea for an experimental summer school, which mutated auspiciously into something closer to a fun, cross-disciplinary show & tell, and potential testing ground for new projects and ideas.