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BAZ – The Regeneration Game

9 April 2016 - 14 May 2016

BAZ present:
The Regeneration Game 

“Let’s meet the eight who are going to regenerate” 

Produced by art world think tank BAZ, The Regeneration Game is BAZ’s interpretation of classic Saturday entertainment The Generation Game. Exploring the seedy business of inner city regeneration (and the role played by artists within this), The Regeneration Game provided a thrilling live game show involving three art world superstar couples, a ginger Bruce Forsyth, clever games and a conveyor belt powered by an artist on a fixed gear bike.


Rounds included:

•‘Potato & Skins’ Round (The Street Food Round)
•The Private View Fashion Round
•The Naming Round – name the ‘The Northern Power 52’ (not an electricity company)
•The Modeling Clay Round (Can you fashion the Reuben Brothers out of clay?)


Contestants included:

Team Half-Eaten Brioche: George Vasey (Curator, NGCA) & Sophie Lisa Beresford
Team New Fixed Gear Bike: Andrew Wilson & Toby Lloyd (a.k.a. artist duo Lloyd-Wilson)
Team Working Class Flat Cap: Paul Moss (Co-director, Workplace Gallery) & Cecilia Stenbom

DSCF6649                             DSCF6770


BAZ (Matt Westbrook & Chris Poolman) are a self elected art-world think-tank based at Grand Union in Birmingham.* Working with a combination of events, performance and writing, BAZ use humour to fictionalise and archive the idiosyncrasies of regional art scenes. Previous work has seen the creation of a pop up Artist-led Polytunnel Beer café, a 24 hour application writing nightclub and an artist curator dating show. By using structures and formats that encourage audiences to interact and shape the direction of the work, BAZ hope to initiate an open level of critique between the wider public and artists. Something like that anyway.

BAZ are passionate supporters of all things Birmingham. Bored by misconceptions and ‘Second City’ status they are engaged with an ongoing project to unite all the 31 ‘Birmingham’s’ across the world in to one global ‘Magic City’, celebrating its twenty first century ‘Magic-ness’. BAZ, like Sting, believe everything Birmingham does is Magic and want the world to know about it, especially people in Coventry.

Nearly recent events & performances include: Pidogsandmonkeyfestos Airspace gallery May 2014, There Ain’t No Party Like A Polytunnel Party, Rhubaba Gallery & project Space, Edinburgh, November 2013; Eastside Projects 5th Birthday Party, October 2013. Not quite so recent writing includes: ‘Art World Primitivism’ to accompany ‘The Hecklers’, The New Art Gallery Walsall, July, 2013; Take London (Regional Art Scene Hooliganism), Art+Music Magazine (Saatchi Gallery), May 2013. Recent exhibitions include: A3 Works, A3 Project Space, Birmingham, June 2013; Bread and Fortunes, Eastside Projects at Frieze Art Fair, October 2012; Birmingham: the Magic City, Liverpool Biennale, September 2012; Where’s the Toilet Glasgow International, April 2012.

For more information, or to offer us paid work, please email our interns ** at ***

* English City

** Sue and Steve, BAZ Interns 2015/16, Collaborators and 3rd year BA Fine Art Students, Dissertation title: How Tracey Emin Shaped New Labour

*** We reserve the right not to get back to you


Commissions Exhibitions