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Blazing New Worlds – Open Call Event

Fri 10th December 2021 6pm - 9pm

As part of Blazing New Worlds, we released a series of open calls and funding opportunities. On the 10th December, The NewBridge Project will host a cross-disciplinary event bringing together some of the projects that have been supported through the first round of the open call.

Throughout the Blazing New Worlds programme, we were celebrating the 11th birthday of The NewBridge Project. We wanted to mark the occasion with our members and communities, bringing everyone together for a special series of events and creative discussions built collectively. Blazing New Worlds explores the current and future roles of artist-led spaces within their communities, our own role in Shieldfield over the next 5 years, as well as the physical and political shifts revealed by Covid-19. Through this ongoing programme and the open calls, we have been focusing on three key areas Value Beyond CapitalThe Practice of Care; and Surviving and Experimenting in Times of Uncertainty.

On the 10th December, we invite you to a night of music, film, literature and prints, to learn more about some of the projects selected in the first round of open calls, reflecting and further discussing the areas explored by Blazing New Worlds.


Many, Many, Many, Many Things by Jamie Hammill

Many, Many, Many, Many Things operates as a music-video call between a monster and a still life, expanding upon Jamie’s continued explorations into image and song. The work attempts to grapple with the various potential complicities of living under late-stage capitalism - and hopes to offer a critique of common narratives falsely prioritising the call for individual, rather than collective or structural action.


Jamie Hammill (b. Manchester, 1994) is an artist and previous NewBridge studio member, currently based in London.

He makes videos, sculptures, songs, drawings and other things; often engaging with a variety of intersecting socio-political anxieties, as well as humour, millennial-ness, masculinity and doubt. Recent works have adopted the form of short music-video-vignettes, as well as sculptural objects, taking their cues from elements of clothing, furniture and craft.


Newcastle electronic duo NOVYI LEF return with their blistering new single ‘Value’. Value is all about our relationship with work and how it dominates how we see ourselves - low-paid, insecure jobs which we’re told reflect our worth as people. It’s about pushing back against that, saying that you’re not only worth what your job says you are or how much profit you make for a boss who doesn’t pay you enough. Especially in the aftermath of the pandemic, our dysfunctional relationship with work has been shown more clearly than ever, so this is a song for anybody who feels undervalued, underpaid and overworked.


Formed in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, NOVYI LEF is the creative output of Euan Lynn (lead vocals, synthesisers, programming) and Tom Reah (synthesisers, programming). Inspired by a shared love of the post-punk synth sounds of bands like The Normal, New Order, Le Tigre and LCD Soundsystem, they set out to marry this sound with a keen political edge and an artistic sensibility.

A Frame - Public Gallery by George Stewart

‘A Frame’ (sandwich boards) originally arose in response to the inability to self-represent/promote in the traditional sense, such as a gallery space. This mirrors the current state of post lockdown Newcastle, after several the studio groups were being up rooted at once, leaving local artists without enough space to make or exhibit their work.

Unlike most galleries, which are located out of sight and remain undiscovered by the wider community, ‘A Frame’ gallery will be situated on street level. It will engage with the local community, with the intension of creating conversations and inspiration beyond art circles.

This project will support people to create Risograph prints, with Overlay Press, that will be exhibited in a purpose-built sandwich board gallery to display outside The NewBridge Project.

We will use the Risograph to provide a space for artists to experiment in-person at The NewBridge Print Studio. Due to the nature of Risograph printing, we will also be available for remote workshops and technical support for people to create work from home, or those outside of the immediate area or unable to leave their homes.

The first exhibition on the 10th of December will be showing work by the Shieldfield Youth Programme.


Tender by Gemma Gore

Interested in the act of publishing and creating publics through making it public, I'm creating a new work Tender. Tender is a zine, an offering to explore earthly relational lessons around care. Presenting reflections and interactivity as a provocation to conjure a portal for un–learning and re–learning. To extend the inquiry and participation into the political context and cultural processes of care I will also publish the zine online, using open-source software and hosting via a Feminist Server. By creating this work, I hope to gesture towards emergent strategies that continues collective thought–work and actions towards harm reduction.


Gemma Gore is a visual artist, educator and writer based in Southampton, UK. Gemma’s work creates intimate, sensuous spaces of unknowingness through storytelling, drawing, video, installation and conversation and works in various collaborative forms. Grounded in positions of multiplexity, queer ecology and radical vulnerability concerned with exploring dialogue throughout the questions: How can we all be different together and build trust? How can we care all the time? What possibilities might digital technologies present to aid us back towards ourselves and earth? Awarded Arts Council England Develop Your Creative Practice fund in 2021 for self-initiated R&D project Tender. Exhibitions include John Hansard Gallery (Southampton, UK), Irish Museum of Modern Art (Dublin, Ireland), Ormston House (Limerick, Ireland) and Station Independent Projects (New York, USA).

Blazing New Worlds

Blazing New Worlds is a programme of commissions, events and workshops at The NewBridge Project which celebrates its 11th Birthday. Throughout the programme we released a series of open calls and funding opportunities, commissions by the artists Graeme Hopper (Grassi Art) and Cassie Thornton, and a residency with Slack’s Radio.



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