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Chad McCail

Monday 8 January – Friday 30 March
Monday – Friday, 10am – 5pm

The NewBridge Project : Gateshead

Giants will allow us to look at the sources and use of money and power, the creative and destructive aspects of illusion and fantasy, what is necessary to love, what we can do without, and how we organize ourselves

Giants will be a large layout, somewhere between a child’s toy and an architectural model. It will present a world in which the collective power of ordinary people is able to overturn monsters, looking at how power is distributed and exploring how things might be done differently in the future.

This layout will be populated with figures, scaled according to their wealth. The rich and powerful will be like giants striding about, picking up buildings and factories at will, and evidently in control of everything. But the small figures will be fighting back, combining into giant human forms made of small people. These will be able to combat the giants and bring them down to size.

Artist Chad McCail will work with people from across Gateshead to build this huge three-dimensional layout, which will enable us to produce a piece of work that communicates issues that are important to everyone.



Together we will build this toy city which will explore how power is distributed.

The project will take place 10am – 5pm on weekdays between January and March 2018 at The NewBridge Project : Gateshead.

It is free for anyone over 16 years, and no previous experience is necessary.

You can drop in at any time, or if you wanted to come with a group we can arrange a one-off or regular slot throughout the times mentioned above. For more information or to arrange at time to come please get in touch with Rebecca at or on 0191 232 8975

You will be able to work with materials you feel comfortable with and on areas of the layout that are of particular interest to you.



There is lots to do!

Buildings for the layout can be made from wood and cardboard sheets. Gardens and vegetation could be made from fabric or knitted. We will use papier-mâché, clays, thermoplastic, cushion foam, polystyrene, Styrofoam and plastazote to build the layout.

There’ll be a range of hand and power tools, glue-guns and a sewing machine.

We will also be building the figures that will populate the layout.

The largest figures will be 1.5 – 2m in height, and will be built upon a posable armature structure. We will build upon this structure and dress it.

The smallest figures will be around 10cm high, but despite their size they will be very dynamic!

Take a look at the Giants blog page for more information

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