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City Growing Workshops with N55

Sat 23rd May 2015

City growing workshops with N55

Workshop at NewBridge Project Space with city farm plant modules around Newcastle City Centre (outside Laing Art Gallery)

“How do you grow plants where there is no green space? Learn a fun, cheap and mobile way of doing this with Danish artist collective N55 whose City Farm Modules enable people to grow food anywhere.”

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N55 is a Copenhagen-based art collective founded in 1994. N55 works with art as a part of everyday life. N55 has worked in the cross field of art, design and architecture for the last 20 years.   N55’s core message is about freedom and the dissipation of ownership, “but it was also about mobility, about not disturbing your environment, and about not having to own land.” N55’s ‘manuals’ range from topics such as land, rooms, shop, factory, work, to snail shell systems, small fish farms, and hygiene systems. N55 freely distributes these schemes and instructions through their website; written work is available through the downloadable N55 Book.

This workshop formed part of the events programme for Urban Organisms, a project that examined and creatively explored food sustainability in cities.

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