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Practice makes Practice

Collaborative Questioning: Accountability and Conviviality

25 - 25 March 2020

As part of the Practice Makes Practice Residency artist duo Abel Shah invited curator and writer Cairo Clarke to host this roundtable discussion exploring trust and ethics involved in collaboration.

For this workshop Cairo has been thinking about our initial invitation and what it means to give a “talk” on collaboration which in its form is inherently not collaborative and speaks to not with a group. This has become the crux of what she’ll be exploring by hosting a workshop/round table discussion that moves into a space of ethical questioning in regards to collaboration, trust, responsibility and Conviviality being a term used by Ivan Illich considered to be individual freedom realised in personal interdependence.

Cairo will offer these topics through a presentation of ideas and a back and forth conversation with participants in order to document and build a set of ethical questions together through the discussion. This will then be shared and incorporated into the residency collateral – an open source library which will be accumulating during the time of Abel Shah’s residency.

Cairo Clarke is a London based independent curator and writer working across contemporary art and cultural spheres with a particular focus on interdisciplinary & performance-based practices. Clarke is most excited by instances for art that open out discourse to critical states of engagement and participation with diverse audiences. Clarke seeks to challenge the way historical institutions and galleries approach curating contemporary art, working collaboratively and sensitively in relation to the world we live in taking an intersectional approach.

Most recently Cairo Clarke launched SITE; an initiative supporting artists and socio-political practices to circulate in performances, commissions printed matter and exhibition projects. The first edition of SITE was part of The Studio Museum in Harlem’s Radical Reading Room From May-Oct 2019. Clarke’s curatorial project Touch Sensitive took place as a series of art interventions and performances at Yinka Shonibare CBE’s Guest Projects in 2017, since then she has worked as Curator at DKUK, Assistant Curator for TFL’s Art on the Underground, Kunstraum London, writing for the likes of King Kong Magazine, Dazed, with commissioned texts from ASC Gallery, KM-Künstlerhaus, Arcadia Missa and Dateagle Art. Cairo is part of Asia-Art-Activism and is currently researcher in residence until April 2020.

Practice makes Practice