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Disconnected Paragraphs

Fri 16th January 2015 ProjectSpace

37 pieces of flair Closing event
Disconnected Paragraphs: Friends reunited & a daily dose of democratic material or sweetshop toxicity
Joanne Lee
Harry Palmer

How can friendship support us in effecting change? In our time, inequality is growing whilst advertising continues to create unsustainable wants, mental health is treated as an individual rather than a political problem, creative culture is increasingly gentrified, and education is instrumentalised towards the needs of corporate interests: given such overwhelming problems, how can friendship support us in shaping alternatives?

Drawing upon their essays within the 37 pieces of flair publication, Joanne Lee instigated a back room bar conversation about the political dimensions of friendship, Harry Palmer explored the contradictory use of the internet for self-diagnosis and the maintenance of sanity.

Joanne Lee
Joanne Lee is an artist, writer and publisher whose practice explores a curiosity about everyday life. Much of her activity emerges through the Pam Flett Press, an independent essay serial, and via the opportunities for production that arise in dialogue with creative and critical friends. She is currently Senior Lecturer in Fine Art at Nottingham Trent University and an Associate Lecturer in Graphic Design at Sheffield Hallam University.

Harry Palmer
Harry Palmer is a self-proclaimed Zen Punk, a Do-it-Yourself anarchist with a soft hammer.

The NewBridge Project presents 37 pieces of flair, a group exhibition and series of events that examined the social and cultural context of mental health.  37 pieces of flair explores our concepts of mental health by surveying the society and culture form which they emerge.