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Event: North-East Creative Timebank

Tue 29th April 2014 Shop

The event provided information on how Creative Timebank works, explored what skills you might be able to offer to the Timebank and what skills and experience you might be looking for to support the development of your artistic practice or projects.



What is North-East Creative Timebank
The Timebank is a formalised system for its members to exchange their skills, knowledge and experience with each other, valued equally in units of one hour.

It’s a reciprocal system, where the more you put in, the more you get out – and it’s for creatives across all disciplines and allied practices, living and/or working across the North-East.  It follows a successful pilot project in Middlesbrough which is based on the Leeds Creative Timebank model.

How does the North-East Creative Timebank work?
Every timebank transaction allows individuals to electronically request, offer, and pay for services in Hour Credits. When a member performs a task, he or she earns hour credits that may be banked for use at a later date.

Timebank hours can be earned and subsequently spent by anyone that needs support or has a project in hand – that is the great equalizer of a time-based currency. We are inviting you as professional artists working in any artform, art students, curators, critics, activists, theorists, historians of art, and other cultural practitioners to join and be part of this network of knowledge and skills exchange.

Example of the direct benefits for an individual practitioner could be;
• access to discrete skills and experience to pump-prime projects without immediate recourse to cash funding.
• hands-on skills to help with the delivery of practical or curatorial projects such as design, software development, written review and critique or other professional skills.
• young artist offering support to more established practitioner gaining mentoring in exchange. 

North-East Creative Timebank is supported by the Contemporary Visual Arts Network (CVAN) North East and Leeds Creative Timebank.

Berwick Visual Arts will also be hosting an introductory talk and workshop for North-East Creative Timebank on Wednesday 30 April at The Maltings Theatre & Cinema, Berwick upon Tweed.