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Exodysis II Programme: Slow Response Sessions

24 February 2022 - 3 March 2022 NewBridge Gallery

Join Abel Shah in the gallery amongst their sculpture installation Exodysis II to engage and respond to the exhibition and themes present with writing and drawing prompts. 

Exodysis II Programme: Slow Response Sessions

Thursday 24 February 12 – 1pm

Thursday 3 March 12 – 1pm

The NewBridge Project Gallery

Visitors are invited to join artist duo Abel Shah in the gallery amongst their sculpture installation Exodysis II. Drawing and writing prompts will be available for visitors to use as starting points to engage and respond to the exhibition and themes present.

Abel Shah are interested in exploring alternative forms of communication. The aim of this event is to provide time and space for slowing down, for personal contemplation and to play with various ways of expressing thoughts in non-verbal forms.

Materials will be provided.

About Exodysis II

Following their Practice Makes Practice residency, artist duo Abel Shah are showing their new artwork Exodysis II at The NewBridge Project. The exhibition will open between 23 February – 25 March 2022 (open Weds – Fri 12 pm – 6 pm). It is the second iteration of their sculpture installation Exodysis. This work was first exhibited at the Swiss Church in London in 2021. Influenced by thinking around bodies as archives, the sculptures are reminiscent of skin- or vessel-like objects. Some fragile, awkwardly balanced or shedding their layers, the objects are in parallel states of destruction and repair. Constructed from everyday materials that have been integral in the development of urban housing, high-speed transportation, healthcare technologies, information storage and control of movement, the sculptures start to act as “shells” of our everyday environments and recent histories.

Abel Shah have invited fellow artists to ‘interrupt’ the installation throughout the exhibition.

Events Practice makes Practice

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