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Film Screening: The World According to Monsanto / Carolyn Steel – How Food Shapes our Cities

Thu 11th June 2015 Annex

FILM SCREENING: The World According to Monsanto + Carolyn Steel – How Food Shapes our Cities


Cinema Politica and The NewBridge Project presented an evening exploring food production and sustainability through the lens of both urban growth and corporate politics, providing an insight into the nuances of food production that are so often unseen, and unquestioned.

How Food Shapes Our Cities (16mins)
This TED talk by food urbanist, Carolyn Steel, explores how we may use the production and circulation of food as a medium by which to understand the construction and maintenance of modern cities. Carolyn asks us to become more aware of urban food cycles, and reverse our taken-for-granted attitude towards food availability.

The World According to Monsanto (105mins)
Directed by Marie-Monique Robin, this critical documentary uncovers the power and exploitation of the world’s biggest agricultural corporation – Monsanto. Speaking to former employees and partners, the film explores the intimate relationship between large political players and corporate executives, highlighting an uncomfortable truth about the world’s food production.


NewBridge Studios, 12 NewBridge Street West, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 8AW. Please note NewBridge Studios has limited access. 

This screening formed part of the events programme for Urban Organisms, a project that examined and creatively explored food sustainability in cities.

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