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PMP: Gordon Douglas – Artist Talk

Thu 1st September 2016

Artist Talk: Gordon Douglas

We were joined for an evening talk with Gordon Douglas, he introduced his previous work through retellings of previous social projects, partnerships, and performances. This provided an opportunity to meet Gordon and learn more about the programme of events and work he is doing as part of Practice Makes Practice and A Social Residency.

Gordon Douglas is a performer, curator, and collaborator based between Glasgow and Edinburgh. He served on the Transmission committee, and has since been working on several self-initiated projects focused on the limits of collaboration and the performativity of the social.

Throughout September, Practice Makes Practice is being programmed with Gordon Douglas, who is undertaking A Social Residency with The NewBridge Studios throughout the month.

Whilst on the Social Residency with Practice Makes Practice, he spent time thinking about the performances involved in maintaining the ‘art scene’: labours we use to sustain invisible infrastructures and civic conventions. How are ideologies, gestures, and attitudes adopted through synced social calendars; and can these ‘habits’ provide a clue into the values of an art scene?

Events Practice makes Practice