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Guided Walk and Podcast Recital: ‘Do we have to relinquish our humanity to save the planet?’

Fri 16th February 2018

5pm – 6.30pm

Meeting at: Newcastle Quayside, by the river underneath the Tyne Bridge where the kittiwakes usually nest, between the Guild Hall and Premier Inn hotel.

Ending at: Monument, Newcastle City Centre

FREE (£5 Deposit), please book here



  • A download of the podcast on your listening device, e.g. phone or tablet
  • Headphones

Join writer Dr Alex Lockwood for a guided walk and podcast recital exploring our complex relationship with the nonhuman world around Newcastle and Gateshead.

In this collaborative exploration, you will be asked to look at the fabric of our urban environment and the nonhuman beings whom we share it with. You’ll be challenged to think about what separates us from nature, and what brings us greater connection. And you’ll be asked: is the belief that we humans are somehow more important and valuable than all other beings the thing that’s gotten us into the mess of climate change? This episode asks you to think what it means to be human today, how humans thrive, how we live with nonhuman others, especially in our cities, and if ideas of ‘post-humanism’ can help us reconfigure our lives in balance with the world around us.

This walk ends at Monument in Newcastle City Centre at a street performance of The Cube of Truth, organised by Anonymous for the Voiceless Newcastle. The Cube of Truth is an outreach event providing citizens with the opportunity to see inside the British animal agriculture system, and a chance to talk with trained organisers from Anonymous for the Voiceless about the issues surrounding our relationships to the animals we eat.

This co-participative walk is part of the Shift and Signal project, a series of podcasts and events exploring ways for us to go deeper in our adaptations to the contemporary environmental and social crises that we face.

To participate requires a £5 deposit which will be refunded within 24 hours of the event.

Please dress appropriately for the weather. You can download the podcast by following the links here. The link will be emailed to you 48 hours ahead of the event as a reminder. You will need to download the podcast in advance, or have enough data to stream the podcast from during the walk. Listening devices can be provided if this causes a barrier to your participation—please let us know in advance.

There are steps involved in this walk, but these can be circumvented if this acts as a barrier to your participation.

We look forward to walking with you! For further information, please contact

Image: Kittiwake in Newcastle, by (cc) Les Bessant



This performance is presented as part of the Shift and Signal project by Dr Alex Lockwood, a response to ways that we can go deeper in our adaptations to the contemporary environmental and social crises that we currently face.


5 - 6.30pm