Habit, Ability!

9 July 2022 - 23 September 2022 12 pm - 5pm NewBridge Gallery

How might we continue to inhabit a damaged planet?

Habit, Ability! is an exhibition with events exploring ways to learn from and ‘be in’ nature. Come to The Newbridge Project to learn about survival strategies found in landscapes considered uninhabitable by humans.

9 July – 23 September 2022

The NewBridge Project Gallery Space

How might we continue to inhabit a damaged planet?

How can we learn collectively from nature’s methods of survival and transformation?

Habit, Ability! is an exhibition with events exploring ways to learn from and ‘be in’ nature. Come to The Newbridge Project, Shieldfield, Newcastle to see survival strategies found in landscapes that are considered uninhabitable by humans.

Seeing survival in these places through long and continuous engagement is a strategy against the common attitude to conquer and extract from nature.

Habit, Ability! begins by looking at Intertidal mud flats, peat bogs, the arctic circle, and the ocean. For humans, encountering these landscapes is challenging. Some of these places are protected by legislation – prohibiting or limiting human access for their preservation, or they are protected areas of scientific study.

The exhibition then turns to look at NewBridge and its new home in Shieldfield, Newcastle, having moved in 2021. Works in the exhibition assess NewBridge and its the environmental impact of the organisation on its surrounding spaces and at large.


Angharad Davies & Éliane Radigue

Carrie Ayagaduk Ojanen

Dani Admiss & Luiza Prado de O Martins

Dwellbeing & Sarah Cooper

For Solidarity & Katie Pollard

Iris Priest & Katy Cole

Laura Harrington

Louise Mackenzie

Michele Allen

Michelle Williams Gamaker

Rob Smith


Grass Roots Garden Party - A For Solidarity Event

Saturday 30 July

12 pm - 4 pm
The Retreat (Old Bowling Club House), ReCoCo, Saltwell Park, Gateshead (next to the lake and the old bowling greens).

Celebrating local organisations, initiatives and individuals that are working in ways that are good for people and good for the planet.

Angharad Davies Workshop - ‘Introduction to improvising sound’.

Saturday 20 August

12 pm - 1 pm: Community Meal
1 pm - 3 pm: Workshop
The NewBridge Project Gallery space

Performance - Angharad Davies performing Elaine Radigue - Occam Ocean - OCCAM XXI

Saturday 20 August

4pm – 5pm: Davies performs the composition she created with Elaine Radigue for solo violin.
The NewBridge Project

Each Occam work sonically embodies a body of water chosen and shared between the performer and Radigue, these range from a waterfall inside a cave, a tsunami wave to rivers, tributaries and oceans.

A Workshop with Carrie Ayagaduk Ojanen

Date TBC

12 pm - 1 pm: Community Meal
1 pm - 3 pm: Live streamed poetry writing followed by readings by Ojanen.
The NewBridge Project

The workshop will explore holding an active memory of nature through poetry.

Carrie Ayagaduk Ojanen is an Inupiaq writer from the Ugiuvamiut tribe. The Ugiuvamiut lived on Ugivak island (King Island, Alaska) during the winter until the 1960s, when the federal government closed the BIA school on the island, forcing the residents to relocate to Nome, Alaska.She grew up in Nome, Alaska. Her grandparents greatly missed living on Ugivak. Their longing for their home and her sense of place in Nome, informed by a sense of this displacement, inspires her writing.

The Reading Room Launch: Anti-Capitalist Book of Fashion

Friday 16 - Sunday 18 September

Breakdown times of session tbc.
The NewBridge Project Reading Room

We will expand upon the environmental focus of Habit/Ability by highlighting ways of working, thinking and activism which challenge the current fashion industry within a Capitalist system.


The NewBridge Project
Shieldfield Centre
4-8 Clarence Walk (off Stoddart Street)
Newcastle upon Tyne


The NewBridge Project is accessible. You can find out more here, or feel free to contact us prior to visiting if you require additional information regarding access and facilities.