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30 September 2016 - 30 October 2016

Friday 30th September – Sunday 30th October 

ACORN/Akala/Anthony Tombling Jr/Craig Ames/Darren Cullen/Dawn Bothwell/Ditte Elly/Dotmaster/Dysturb/Going Local Going Green/Isabel Lima/James Holcombe/Jessie Jacobs/Jimmy Cauty/Jumana Mana/Kate Liston/Leeds Poverty Truth Commission/Lloyd & Wilson/Max Munday /Nathalie Nambot & Maki Berchache/Nic Green/Nini Ayach/Open Jar Collective/Richard DeDomenici/Robin Grey/Rosalind Fowler/Ruth Ewan/Sisters Uncut NCL/The Dark Mountain Project/The Eroles Project/TILT /Unfairground

Hidden Civil War is a month long programme of activity in Newcastle upon Tyne, commissioned by The NewBridge Project. Throughout October 2016 we are inviting activists and artists to contribute to a series of events that expose, collate and present evidence of a Hidden Civil War in Britain today.


The programme will include artworks, performances, public-realm interventions, talks and film screenings from internationally renowned artists and activists. These ideas take a broad approach, from quiet and considered talks and films, through to loud and overt calls for dissent. From playful interventions that subvert the political rhetoric, through to thought-provoking debates that highlight issues of austerity and give voice to marginalized groups. Whilst these works will be embedded within the city of Newcastle, they will be contextualised by national and international ideas of Hidden Civil War.


A war between citizens of the same country

What is the picture of contemporary British society? What is it in the shades and raids of government that has so severely divided communities, torn  bonds between us and fragmented person from person? Where are we now and where will we end up?

The landscape: colossal public asset stripping and dissociation via corporate tax evasion; the tearing up of the welfare state and the commitments to each other that it was built upon; the vilification of the vulnerable, discriminatory cuts imposed on disabled people and deaths among them. A serious increase in homelessness amid the biggest housing crisis for several generations, family debt, the ongoing denial of access to land and erosion of civil liberties.

We are inviting activists and artists to contribute to a series of events curated and commissioned by The NewBridge Project in Newcastle upon Tyne to expose, collate and present evidence of a Hidden Civil War in Britain today.

On our streets, in our homes and in our personal and collective consciousness we report conflict. Via the lens of Civil War and the medium of art, let us gather intelligence and display the evidence.

I think it’s going too far” (Iain Duncan Smith)

Poverty is the worst form of violence” (Mahatma Ghandi)


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Hidden Civil War is a collaborative project, commissioned by The NewBridge Project and developed in partnership with East St Arts, Hands on Film Lab, Metal, Paper Rhino, Mark Donne, Taryn Edmonds, Chris Erskine, Julia Heslop, Beth Ramsay, Julie Tomlin, Vicky Ward and Aisha Zia. Hidden Civil War is delivered with the support of partner venues; Cobalt Studios, Tyne Theatre, Summerhill Bowling Club and The Cumberland Arms. Accompanying publication,The Precariat is produced by Paper Rhino.

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