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Home-rearing: The really gentle closing party with DGA Collective!

Saturday 29 April 7pm - 9pm NewBridge Gallery

A special Closing Party for ‘Home-rearing’ with the opportunity for our friends, kith and kin to celebrate the project and experience the exhibition! Expect cabaret with food, live music, drag acts and access themed games with DGA Collective!

Saturday 29 April 

7pm – 9pm 

The NewBridge Project Gallery space

Free and open to the public to celebrate the ‘Home-rearing’ project and experience the collaboratively built installation / shrine before it is dismantled and recycled the following day. The party is being organised by DGA Collective (more info below) and will include drinks, snacks and gentle (non-compulsory) games / activities.

The Really Gentle Closing Party or “post view” is attempting to offer an alternative to traditional art exhibition previews.  In previous projects Kitt has been part of, previews have presented a number of challenges which this party is attempting to navigate:

  • Traditionally they mark the opening of an exhibition, however this generally isn’t particularly suitable for social /sociable art projects, because at the start of a project there’s often not much to see, chat about or celebrate. A post view, where people who have been directly involved can share what they’ve been up to with people who have been less involved (or not involved at all), seems like a possible solution
  • Previews are often inaccessible / quite awkward for some people. DGA are working to create a gentle atmosphere with lots of seats and resting places, plenty of people around to chat to if that’s what you like to do, non-compulsory and non-competitive activities to get involved in and a wide variety of refreshments available (if you have specific access / dietary requirements you would like the party organisers to be aware of, please email Beth Stead info.ladykitt@gmail.comwith the heading “Gentle party requirements”  by Tuesday 25 April)
  • There is a childcare / carers bursary available for folks who would like to attend without their dependents (please email Beth Stead info.ladykitt@gmail.comwith the heading “Gentle party childcare bursary” for more info)
  • There are gentle party pals around on the night to meet people who may be unfamiliar with the space / anxious about attending the event (please email Beth Stead info.ladykitt@gmail.comwith the heading “gentle party pals” for more info)

Some people at the party will be in drag and we encourage those who enjoy dressing up to attend in your most wild / fabulous outfits, but there is no pressure or / expectation to dress anyway other than what makes you comfortable.

DGA Collective will be holding ‘the very gentle planning session’ on Wednesday 19 April, 7pm – 9pm. This is FREE and open to anyone, but please reserve a ticket by emailing with the subject: “Really Gentle Party Planning” to book a place.

This event is free, but all under 18s must be accompanied by an adult. There will be a bar serving refreshments, operating a strict Challenge 25 policy.

About DGA Collective

DGA (Drag King, Gender Chaos and Alternative Drag) formed in 2018, they run access focussed drag workshops and performance events around the North East. They are a queer performance collective and LGBTQIA+ mutual aid group. The social, support and wellbeing aspects of the group are just as important as the drag!

About Home-rearing

Wednesday 5 April – Saturday 29 April

12pm – 5pm (some event times may vary!)

The NewBridge Project Gallery space

Throughout April, Kitt and their two children Finn & Ada, will be working in our gallery every day we are open. During this time, they are inviting NewBridge communities to join them in “Home-rearing”, an 18th century English phrase for a community building a barn or dwelling together.

Each day will offer something slightly different including drop-in activities, bookable workshops, sound baths, drag performances, talks, chats and parties.

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The NewBridge Project is accessible. You can find out more here, or feel free to contact us prior to visiting if you require additional information regarding access and facilities.