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Blazing New Worlds: ‘Inquire! Ste Marthe to Shieldfield’ by Gráinne Donohue

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As part of Blazing New Worlds, Gráinne Donohue brings ‘Inquire! Ste Marthe to Shieldfield’: a pamphlet with a survey of nine questions about work, pay, and unionisation. The pamphlet is available online as a live interactive document, and we invite you to respond to the questions.

In August 2021 I drafted a list of questions around issues at work, informed by my own experiences working in education, the gig economy, union organising and the arts, to initiate discussions around shared and non-shared issues at work for future organising across workplaces. The survey and questions are partly inspired by Marx’s inquiry: a survey of 101 questions on conditions at work across workplaces in Paris in the 1880 to inform collective labour struggles.

I put these questions, originally in French, on nine different posters on the walls of an old Pastis factory in Ste Marthe Marseille in August 2021 to initiate discussion around the different issues affecting workers in the arts and beyond. The posters were filled out by the public. Now, moving away from posters, the pamphlet, designed for the ‘Blazing New Worlds’ programme, continues the journey of these nine questions. The pamphlet contains scans of the nine original posters filled out in Marseille in August 2021 side by side with English versions to be filled out by you! The pamphlet will be shown online and physically at NewBridge Project.

About the artist

Gráinne is a feminist researcher and organiser based in Marseille. Gráinne’s research, writing and organising centres abolition, ending: prisons, deportations, detention centres, and borders; fighting: precarity and corporate profit; and building renters and workers’ rights, transnational solidarities, and political education. 

Gráinne is a resident at Artagon Marseille, currently working on an unpaid project titled ‘Art du Travail/Travail dans l’Art’ (art of work/the work of art). 

Blazing New Worlds

Blazing New Worlds is a programme of commissions, events and workshops at The NewBridge Project which celebrates its 11th Birthday. Throughout the programme we will be releasing a series of open calls and funding opportunities, commissions by the artists Graeme Hopper(Grassi Art) and Cassie Thornton, and a residency with Slack’s Radio.