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Intro to Funding

Wed 9th December 2020 Online

In this event NewBridge members Dawn Felicia Knox and Matthew Pickering will share their experiences navigating the various approaches to securing funding for creative projects.

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Event will take place on Zoom

This is a broad, introductory overview session to give you the information you might need to start to think about applying for funding for your creative practice. It will be clear and simple enough for absolute beginners who may be confused about taking the first steps in the world of seeking funding, but will also be a useful refresher to provide clarification for those with some prior experience.

In the session Dawn and Matt will cover: main sources of funding for artists; the difference between commissions, bursaries and residencies; writing about your idea; developing a project; managing your project; partnerships; audience development; budgeting; and evaluation.
They will talk broadly about the subject of funding, but will use case studies from their own practices to help you get an understanding of the specifics.

We’ll open the Zoom call at 6pm so people can settle in and nobody feels rushed. The event will commence properly at 6:30pm.

We’ll be following up this introductory session with a second phase in the New Year whereby small groups will meet with Matt and Dawn to talk through your own work-in-progress proposals, applications and bids.

1-1 chats will also be available in the new year.

We’ll be collecting frequently asked questions to produce a toolkit as part of this series of activity.

About Dawn

Dawn Felicia Knox is a UK based artist and curator working across mediums and disciplines to create interventions and multi-layered installations that explore toxicity, remediation and transformation as articulated through the body as well as built and natural environments. Working in collaboration with scientists, academics and other artists, she is drawn to the parallels in processes and investigative techniques often creating work that blurs the lines between intent, process and outcome.

Dawn has been the recipient of six Art Council England awards, numerous commissions and multiple residencies resulting in installations, films and exhibitions across the UK and beyond. She is a member of the Amber Collective curating Side Cinema seasons and has worked in development and fundraising for the whole of AmberSide. Dawn also is a member of the Star and Shadow and works with the fundraising and operations collectives.

About Matt

Matt Pickering is a visual artist based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. From the line between perception and reality understood by persons living with Alzheimer’s disease to experiences of transitional spaces in institutional and domestic settings, his research led practice explores the in between spaces – physical, virtual and psychological – that mediate our lived experiences. Working across video, installation and photography, his work unfolds in minimalist surreal environments, constructed from basic materials and strategically placed panels.

His work has been exhibited regionally and across the UK; including ICA, London; 36 Gallery, Newcastle-upon-Tyne and HOME, Manchester. Recent projects include Martha [Alzheimer’s Machine III] for Arts Council England, Lapse for Tyneside Cinema, Hot Contents for Creative Darlington and In a State of [Movement against Resistance] for Channel 4’s Random Acts.

Alongside his practice, Matt supports the development of an international programme of residencies, commissions and events at D6: Culture in Transit and is a member of the NewBridge Project’s 2020-21 Programme Committee.

Events Practice makes Practice

6-8.30pm on Zoom

This event is accessed remotely online.