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Kaleidoscope: Online Discussion: Work, Inquire, Organise!

Thu 25th March 2021

This talk will highlight the histories and possibilities of art workers resistance. Split into three parts: Work, Inquire and Organise

This talk will highlight the histories and possibilities of art workers resistance. Split into three parts we will discuss:

Breaking the romantic (or vulnerable) depictions of artists this section will discuss the structural power and mobilisation of artist movements as workers. This will raise issues around gentrification, precarity and solidarity.

Building from consciousness-raising this section will discuss the centrality of collective ‘inquiry’ in creating collective demands and movements. This will raise issues around: working conditions, living conditions and corporate power.

The final section is dedicated to mobilising resistance. This will raise issues around: worker/renter rights, organising strategies and collective power.

Gráinne Charlton is a feminist researcher and organiser based between Birmingham and Paris. Gráinne’s writing and organising centres ending: deportations, detention centres and borders fighting: precarity and corporate profit and building: renters and workers’ rights, transnational organising and political education.

Work, Inquire, Organise! is participatory and welcomes discussion throughout, especially facilitating residents’ discussions beyond their host art spaces. This event has been organised by Primary for the Kaleidoscope Network.

If you are a NewBridge Studio or Associate member and would like to book a space email Dan on

The Kaleidoscope Network is a collaboration between Eastside Projects (Birmingham), Primary (Nottingham), Spike Island (Bristol) and The NewBridge Project (Newcastle). Formed in response to a need for mutual support, the network has come together as a way to share resources, increase what each partner is able to offer and create new connections between communities of artists. It also offers professional development for the associated partners learning from one another. 

We are beginning the relationship with a rolling programme of monthly Kaleidoscope events that will give artists in our networks access to a range of activity offered by the different partners, enriching our individual programmes and bringing new perspectives and insights from neighbouring networks.

Your NewBridge membership automatically makes you part of the Kaleidoscope Network. This means you can attend selected events programmed by each partner. These events will be identified as Kaleidoscope activities on our websites and advertised as usual on our newsletters and social media, so keep your eyes peeled for details and booking.


1 - 2.30pm