The NewBridge Project Gallery is closed throughout March. NewBridge Books will be open as usual.


Moving on Up, Moving on Out

3 February 2017 - 4 March 2017

Opening: Friday 3 February, 7-9pm
Exhibition: 4 February – 4 March

Moving on up, Moving on out was The NewBridge Project’s last ever show in our old building. The month-long exhibition and programme had artists at its heart, and was collectively shaped and devised by over 30 artist members. In April, we bid farewell to our old building after 6 and a half years, and moved on to pastures new.

Moving on up, Moving on out was a celebration of The NewBridge Project and the people who make it what it is. The exhibition in the old project space had work by over 80 artist members, and was constantly fluctuating, with the space being re-curated daily into something new, by artists residing in the communal workspace situated in the gallery daily.

The bookshop hosted an evolving studio plan, that mapped the friendships, networks and connections of members, to artists and organisations across the country. This acted as an archive as well as a look to the future.

Alongside the exhibition there was a programme of events that took place across the building and studios throughout the month, with our artists contributing to an exciting series of screenings, socials, open studios and performances.


List of Artists

Maria Abbott | Paula Adams | Lucien Anderson | Keano Anton | Neil Armstrong | Deborah Bower | Rachael Clewlow | Katy Cole | Jon Cornbill | Dean Crawford | Stacey Davidson | Michael Davies | Charlie Dearnley | Oscar Dempsey | Oliver Doe | Graham Dolphin | Jennifer Douglas | Taryn Edmonds | Graeme Durant | Juliet Fleming | Mat Fleming | David Foggo | Sophie Foster | Adam Goodwin | Greyscale | Aaron Guy | Theo Harper | Jo Hislop | Julia Heslop | Peter-Ashley Jackson | Rebecca Jackson | Martin Kellet | Angela J. Kennedy | Nick Kennedy | Claire Lavender | Left Leg Gallery | Edwin Li | David Lisser | Kate Liston | Toby Lloyd | Ant Macari | Louise Mackenzie | Andrew Maughan | Christian Mieves | Rene McBrearty | David McDonald | Rosie McLachlan | Peter Merrington | Leah Millar | Zoe Molloy | Ilana Mitchell | Arnaud Moinet | Rosie Morris | John Jo Murray | Kelly Pearson | Matthew Pickering | Theresa Poulton | Pulled Print Club | Paul Raymond | Ginny Reed | Sadie Renwick | Eddy Robinson | Lesley-Anne Rose | Alice Rout | Kuba Ryniewicz | Janina Sabaliauskaite | Sabina Sallis | Helen Shaddock | Joe Shaw | Rosanna Skett | Lee Smith | Cecilia Stenbom | Kate Stobbart | Sebastian Trend | Sarah Tulloch | Olivia Turner | Dave Tweedy | Adinda van t’ Klooster | Tony Wiles | Matthew Wilkinson | Julia Wilmott | Andrew Wilson | Holly Wheeler | Thomas Whittle | Louise Winter | Wunderbar


Accessibility: NewBridge Studios has limited accessibility, some of these events will take place in the Studios. We regret, due to the age of our building and its change of use we do not have a functioning lift. Please contact us prior to visiting if you require additional information regarding access and facilities.


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