The NewBridge Project Gallery is currently closed.


Musee Imaginaire

19 February 2014 - 31 March 2014 Studios

Musee Imaginaire is a regular weeknight club which uses the model of Andre Malraux’s Museum Without Walls to open up a space for viewing, discussing, showcasing art across all disciplines and all boundaries, including the temporal. From painting to performance, film, literature, philosophy, poetry, animation, history, architecture, music, theatre, theory, dance etc. etc. etc.

Anything can be ‘exhibited’ within the museum. This space is available for you to administer, ignore, utilise, own, turn into a forum for trying out ideas, showing work, publishing, getting feedback, watching long, boring and ultimately rewarding movies, talking about contemporary art and culture in all its forms and in the widest possible sense.

Musee Imaginaire is regularly hosted at The NewBridge Project. Musee Imaginaire also takes place across a range of other venues, check the Facebook page for up to date details.

If you have anything you want to discuss, screen, perform and/or display (i.e. film suggestions/ studio visits/ critiques of work etc.) please get in touch with either Paul Becker or Eddy Robinson at and