NewBridge Books: Reading Group


NewBridge Books: Reading Group
Wednesday 9 October, 6pm

The NewBridge Project : Gateshead



We are launching Reading Group at NewBridge Books, where people can get together to read, listen and discuss all kinds o literature. From theoretical texts, short films, poems and podcasts, on a range of subjects and themes.

Join us on Wednesday 9 October for the first meeting and to collectively shape future events based on the groups interests.

The NewBridge Books Reading Group will be open to all, wherever possible material will be provided by NewBridge and it will not be a requirement to read/listen to the texts prior to the session.


NewBridge Books offers a selection of diverse, original and hard-to-find national and international contemporary art publications, fostering critically-engaged creativity in the region by providing both a resource and outlet for artists, writers, critics and researchers.


Image: Radical Reading Group with Nathaniel Whitfield, part of The Claudia Jones Space Station, initiated by the …And Beyond Institute for Future Research think tank led by artist Sonya Dyer, The NewBridge Project, 2017

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