NewBridge Dye Garden

Every Thursday The Shieldfield Centre

An ongoing planting, dyeing and growing project by Katie Pollard with  ‘For Solidarity’, focusing on Degrowth and Care

This year at The NewBridge Project, artist Katie Pollard will be running a growing project with the intention of creating a mini dye garden as a shared resource for NewBridge members and local community. The NewBridge Dye Garden will involve the planting, growing and then harvesting of plants that will eventually produce dyes for fabric dyeing workshops. 

Key Details

The first step is planting the seeds! Group planting sessions will see members volunteer to get involved in the project, with food, drinks and more information on the project as a whole provided. Upcoming planting dates:

  • Thursday 9 June, 10 am – 12 pm
  • Thursday 16 June, 10 am – 12 pm. Both sessions will include sieving compost, potting things on into their final pots and making some supports for the madder

*weather permitting!

A range of dye plants from seed will be planted and the responsibility of looking after these as they grow will be shared. After the initial planting and re-potting sessions, the main things to take care of will be watering the plants. This project will centre practice of Degrowth, respecting slow, natural processes of growth and care, in line with For Solidarity‘s current themes.

Dyers Coreopsis, Dyers Chamomile, Yellow Cosmos, French Marigolds, Hopi Sunflower, Japanese Indigo, Purple Pincushion flower and Madder will be planted. Colour can be extracted from all of these plants in a variety of different ways for use with natural materials. This includes textiles such as cotton, linen, hemp, silk, and wool as well as other materials such as paper, wood, shells, reeds, etc. The potential outputs are equally varied and can be in the form of dyes, drawing inks, paints, screen and block printing inks, direct contact printing and more. 

Some of the plants we grow will be harvested and used later in the year for community workshops, feeding into The NewBridge Project programme.

Get in touch with Katie on for more info on the project.

About Katie Pollard

Katie is a natural dye artist and dye plant grower based in Newcastle. She has a process and experimentation led practice and makes her own inks and dyes from plants. Her work has a multidisciplinary approach, often working in the medium of textiles and paper. Socially engaged practice is important to her and she runs dye and growing workshops hoping to boost community wellbeing and build connection to place. Her individual work is often inspired by nature, her local environment and the body. She is interested in degrowth, local resilience, solidarity and permaculture.

More of her work on Instagram: @borrowedcolour and @seekshieldfield

About For Solidarity

For Solidarity is an ongoing project to make visible and strengthen all of the organisations, projects, initiatives and individuals in the region who are offering an alternative to the extractive and oppressive mainstream economic system. Their belief is that we are stronger together in order to nurture a growing peer support network of grass-roots initiatives, helping people to meet their material and social needs in ways that don’t harm people or the planet. 

The project was initiated in 2019 by The NewBridge Project and the Solidarity Economy Association.

During 2021 – 2022 For Solidarity will be exploring the themes of Degrowth and Care.


The Shieldfield Centre, 4-8 Clarence Walk (off Stoddart St), Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 1AL

Accessibility: Our front door is automatic, and on ground level on Stoddard Street. Our public spaces can all be accessed by lift, and there is an accessible toilet on each floor.