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Nomadic Salon

Fri 23rd May 2014 ProjectSpace

Nomadic Salon was a unique opportunity to meet Betagrams exhibition curator Gabi Arrigoni who discussed the exhibition’s central concept of the prototype with the exhibiting artists.

Nomadic Salon provided a space to critically explore the range of experimental, creative art practices that are challenging the traditional status of the artwork as unique and finished object.

Betagrams was a group show curated by Gabi Arrigoni that investigated the notion of the prototype as a new aesthetic model. From digital fabrication to speculative design proposals, the works on show were provisional, unstable and persuasive, providing suggestions for possible futures. 

“Nomadic Salon forms part of Thinking Digital Arts programme 2014. The Thinking Digital Arts (TDA) is a curated programme that will investigate and celebrate the emerging area of contemporary arts where the arts, technology and digital culture collide. To achieve this, we have sought out some of the most distinguished and innovative artists, designers, curators and makers from around the globe, to come and create, debate, challenge and inspire you”