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Performance Workshop 2!

Monday 3 April 5pm - 6.30pm The Shieldfield Centre

Another session for people interested in performance! Join Zoe Kendall and Lucy Heaton for a series of workshops supporting performance artists.

Monday 3 April 

5pm – 6.30pm

Room 8 Project Space (The NewBridge Project 1st Floor)

Free and open to all!

Join Collective Studio members, Zoe Kendall and Lucy Heaton, for a series of performance workshops. This is the space to talk about ideas, share thoughts and get to know each other’s work/interests.

Anyone can come, even if you haven’t come to the first workshop.

These workshops will act as taster sessions for the performance group, to be formed throughout the sessions in April. If you enjoy the energy of the workshops, or it sparks an idea, then you can get involved with the group.

Each month, a different group member will take the lead, with everyone else participating and collaborating to realise that person’s idea. At the end of around 5 months, we would like to showcase the performances we have worked on together.


The NewBridge Project
Shieldfield Centre
4-8 Clarence Walk (off Stoddart Street)
Newcastle upon Tyne

The NewBridge Project is accessible. You can find out more here, or feel free to contact us prior to visiting if you require additional information regarding access and facilities.