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Christmas Workshops! Lino Printing & Photogram

Sat 3rd December 2016

Lino Printing Workshop with Pulled Print Club | Photogram Workshop with Janina Sabaliauskaites

We were joined for some holiday merriment with a Christmas Making Workshop! A perfect chance for people to get all their cards, wrapping paper and gifts sorted in time for Christmas 2016.


Lino Printing | Pulled Print Club

Against buying cards and wrapping your gifts in the same old paper? We can help!

Jade Sweeting of Pulled Print club joined us for a DIY Lino cut workshop in which participants printed their own original Christmas cards and wrapping paper using their very own lino cut, a bold and rewarding printing method perfect for making a seasonal statement.

This workshop taught the process of Lino Printing; the cutting of a block using appropriate carving tools and subsequent printing with a variety of colours and materials.


Photograms Workshop | Janina Sabaliauskaite

We invited people to come and create photograms, an early image-making technique through a guided workshop led by Janina Sabaliauskaite.

The session started with an inspiring introduction of the photogram techniques used by the early photographers before participants were given the opportunity to create their own images.

A technique where objects are placed atop a sheet of unexposed photographic paper in the darkroom and a light source is directed briefly at the paper. The paper is then processed using B&W chemicals.

Participants were asked to bring 5 objects that they wished to use in their photographic compositions. Paper, chemicals and a mix of various objects were provided.

At the end of each session participants took home a portfolio of 5 8×10 unique pictures of photograms ready for framing and display.


Photo Credit: Man Ray, 1922



1 - 6pm, Different time slots available