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|PMP| Kokedama workshop with Wildflower 

Wed 8th June 2016 Studios

Kokedama workshop with Wildflower 

“Learn the art of Kokedama with Hanna Price from Wildflower Ouseburn.” (2016)

The workshop taught the Japanese tradition of Kokedama (translation ‘moss ball’), the practice of using mud, moss and string to create natural hanging containers for plants. Plants, moss and mud were be provided and participants got to take home their own Kokedama after the workshop. This workshop was presented as part of  “A Bizarre World of Plants” exhibition.

This event is part of Practice makes Practice, an artist development programme run by artists for artists, initiated by The NewBridge Project.

Practice makes Practice focuses on developing artistic talent and equipping artists with the necessary skills to manage their practice, bridging the gap between art school, studio practice, the gallery and beyond.

The programme is open to our Studio Members, and to the wider arts community through an associate Artist Membership. To become an Artist Member please click here.