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Mon 29th January 2018


“The purpose of Art” James Baldwin wrote “is to lay bare the questions that have been hidden by the answers”.

It is in this inquisitive vein that these events have been planned. On Monday 15th we’ll be holding the first in a series of reading groups (the second of which will be Monday 29th Jan) where we can come together to share each others ideas through the texts we are reading individually. With the aim of provoking discussion, engagement and even disagreement with each other, we hope this space will shed light and provide us with new ways of seeing and articulating ideas.

The format is that in each session two individuals bring to the group texts / essays / books they are currently engaging with and briefly present to the group the reasons they are reading them and how they are finding them. After reading from some selected sections of each choice we will have a discussion, putting the two texts in conversation with each other and seeing what other suggestions and ideas are sparked.

For the first sessions Daniel Russell and Nathaniel Whitfield took the lead and shared books that informed their practice, projects and thinking, but others were encouraged to bring books and talk about their reading, which could form the basis of future sessions.
In listening to one another we were able to engage in a process of unlearning which opened up a space for re-articulation and re-materialization of ideas. We are ‘undone’ by one another, as Judith Butler would say.

This event is programmed as part of Practice Makes Practice, an artist development programme run by artists for artists. Practice makes Practice focuses on developing artistic talent and equipping artists with the necessary skills to manage their practice, bridging the gap between art school, studio practice, the gallery and beyond.
Throughout January and early February, Practice Makes Practice is being programmed with Nathaniel Whitfield, who is undertaking Practice Makes Practice – A Social Residency with us at The NewBridge Project.
Events Practice makes Practice