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Events Practice makes Practice

Talking About Art with Dr Ian Ground

Mon 19th June 2017


Can philosophical thinking illuminate creative practice? Is the question “what is art?” still worth asking? How should we think about the relation between artist and audience? Through a series of participatory exercises, this session offered an introduction to some central topics in the philosophy of art with the aim of provoking participants to think afresh about their creative practice.

Over the last thirty years, Dr. Ian Ground has taught philosophy at a number of institutions in the North East including Newcastle, Durham, the Open University and Sunderland University. He was a teaching fellow in Fine Art, teaching philosophy for Fine Art Degree and MFA students Ian is currently a research fellow in philosophy at the University of Hertfordshire and teaches at Newcastle University. His research activities and publications have included the philosophy of art, animal cognition, the ethics of ageing, and the life and thought of Ludwig Wittgenstein. He is Vice-President of the British Wittgenstein Society.

Events Practice makes Practice