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Potluck Dinner / Artist Jamboree Discussion

Tue 25th September 2018
Join us for an evening of dining and informal artist presentations!
In mid-19th century America, “potluck” gained a new meaning, that of a communal meal where each guest brings a dish to be shared.
It’s FREE but bring a dish to share for the Potluck!
We’ll run a donations bar too.
Arrive at 5:30 to set up the food, ready to dine from 6pm.
As well as socialising over dinner, Grace, Dan, Lesley and Hope will be casually re-presenting the things they learned this summer as NewBridge’s representatives at the Artists Jamboree in Devon.
This may include but not be limited to:
Developing your own Artists’ Terms and Conditions, activating your five year plan and making a manifesto.
They’ll also be answering questions about how you can get involved in future Jamborees.
There’s more information about what Jamboree was here.
Here’s what we thought about it:
Grace –
Jamboree was one of those great experiences where you go into it with nerves, not knowing what to expect, but once you arrive you realise it’s a welcoming, interesting, thoughtful package of things you didn’t realise you needed. Exploratory sessions based on pertinent topics, group making, guided walks, an ongoing programme of bite-size artist talks, swims in the river, dancing on the last night, and all on the most beautiful site that was a pleasure to inhabit for a little slice of the summer.
Dan –
I wasn’t 100% sure what to expect from Jamboree. I knew it was a big camping meet up for 150-odd artists from around the country, and I knew it was geared around professional development. I’d read about it then forgotten about it until a friend from Manchester asked if I was going as the programme was shaping up nicely. NewBridge arranged some bursary places and I drove a car-load of artists down. It was a meticulously planned weekend of talks, walks and workshops, which you could opt-out of when you needed to relax, chat and make new friends. Would recommend.
Lesley –
Jamboree was an excellent opportunity to connect with friends and other artists in an open and relaxed environment. It was planned out like a conference or festival with enough different activities – talks, seminars etc to make it interesting without too much pressure of choice. I got to meet artists, curators and thinkers from parts of the country that I don’t stay well connected with usually so I gained knowledge about what’s going on. I’ve come away with new ideas and motivation to be more organised and active. I also had lots of fun out in the sunshine camping and swimming with my buddies.
Events Practice makes Practice