Reading Room : Thinking Digital

20 - 24 May 2014 Shop

NewBridge Books have teamed up with Thinking Digital Arts to curate a selection of related publications that grow out of the discourse around artistic practice, publications and digital media. This is a particularly great place to connect over arts, digital or cultural conversation.

NewBridge Bookshop provides a platform for critical dialogue to explore the effects of the evolving digital landscape on artistic production and communication, and its visibility within artists’ books, critical writing and self-published or independent literature.


Reading Room forms part of Thinking Digital Arts programme 2014. The Thinking Digital Arts (TDA) is a curated programme that will investigate and celebrate the emerging area of contemporary arts where the arts, technology and digital culture collide. To achieve this, we have sought out some of the most distinguished and innovative artists, designers, curators and makers from around the globe, to come and create, debate, challenge and inspire you.