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Reference Frame Poster

Reference Frame

4 - 6 April 2014 Annex

Reference Frame was co-curated by three Newcastle based artists – Joanna Hutton, Lily Mellor and James Routledge. Alongside their own work they are showing students work from Minerva Academie, Groningen, The Netherlands.  The concept arose from a visit to Minerva made by Joanna and Lily earlier this year, as representatives of the MFA Fine Art at Northumbria University. The exhibition coincided with a return visit by staff and students from Minerva to work with those at Northumbria University. As a result of this project they hoped to further develop and strengthen the creative relationships between Newcastle upon Tyne and Groningen, as well as those of Northumbria University and Minerva Academie.

What it is to be certain; defining the relationship between the performative action and the observer.

The project examined concepts of space, place and time and in so doing, created an experiential exhibition of new work, drawing out communicative elements of these phenomena. Duration, schedule and slippage of time are explored both individually and collaboratively in order to activate and encourage a more stimulating conversation with the viewer.

Clementine van der Bent*
Laikuen Chan*
Angie Daniels*
Joanna Hutton^
Bokyung Kim*
Niya Konstantinova*
Lily Mellor^
Federico Murgia*
James Routledge^
Ariane Truemper*
Helena van Zuylen*
(*based in Groningen ^based in Newcastle upon Tyne)