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Rhona Foster – Every Egg Counts – PERFORMANCE AND FILMING EVENT

Mon 20th November 2017

 What Should I Have for Lunch?

The NewBridge Project // Carliol House, Market Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 6NE

Stemming from a widely felt sense of despair and confusion about how to live a truly ethical and moral life.

Rhona‘s works explore themes of ethical decision making and powerlessness in the face of vast and complex societal and environmental issues. Within her videos, narratives are based around apparently insignificant every day consumer actions, like choosing what to have for lunch, in order to consider the absurdity of how great challenges like climate change could translate reductively into our seemingly trivial individual every day choices – how can I make a difference? Does it really matter what bin I put this in? Where should I buy my socks from?

Rhona ran costume making workshops throughout the first two weeks of November. The set of costumes made were worn in a scene in new short film ‘Every Egg Counts’.

At the end of the workshops, we had a performance and filming event on Monday 20 November, where performers wore their costumes as they became participants in the (hugely popular) wheel-of-fortune-esque gameshow ‘What Should I Have For Lunch?’

.Synopsis of short film ‘Every Egg Counts’

A sanctimonious and thoroughly unpleasant office worker spends a lot of his time and energy letting his colleagues know that every one of their actions is problematic. However, after he gets caught hypocritically sneaking an egg sandwich in to work for lunch, he becomes the victim of a vicious spell of online shaming, forcing him to flee the city. Out in the wilderness of Northumberland, he finds himself in the hands of a pair of environmental scientists, who force him to ask himself the question; how far is he really willing to go to do the right thing?



Accessibility statement: NewBridge Studios at Carliol House has limited accessibility, this event will take place on the First Floor of the Studios. We regret, due to the age of our building and its change of use we do not have a functioning lift. Please contact us prior to visiting if you require additional information regarding access and facilities.