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PMP: Rhubaba / Afternotes – Reading Group and Screening

Tue 6th September 2016 Annex

with Rhubaba Gallery and Studios

Afternotes provided a reading and discussion group led by Rhubaba around two texts: ‘We Have Won’, by the Copenhagen Free University, and an excerpt from Daniella Watsons’ ‘How To Survive on Land and Sea’. The reading session was followed by a film screening selected by Rhubaba and Gordon around notions of care, behaviour, and consquence of voice.

Rhubaba Gallery and Studios is an artist-run organisation in Edinburgh that provides studio space and an annual programme of exhibitions and events. Rhubaba was established in 2009 in response to a gap in appropriate studio provision for recent graduates and through desire to create a space dedicated to both the production and presentation of contemporary art. Drawing from their relationship to their building of five years, Rhubaba ran a reading group ‘Now we know what we need to do, we need to know what we need to do,’ a three-part discussion inviting parties concerned with the longevity of the current site, and how the conditions of the site might affect the production of art, and the improvisation of politics.

Although very different in scale and governance, both organisations maintain very particular points in the ecologies of both cities. When studios play such crucial roles in the infrastructure of art scenes, how can art scenes recover if they were forced to adapt under pressure? The conversation aims to draw from particular circumstances within both cities, sharing strategies of resistance and collectivity.

Rhubaba : Afternotes is programmed by Gordon Douglas as part of Practice Makes Practice – A Social Residency.

Image: We are a conversation, Thomas A. Clark, 2015 Photo: Tom Nolan