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School of the Damned – Alternative Art Schools & Skill Swapping

10 - 11 February 2017

School of the Damned joined us at The NewBridge Project for 2 days as part of Moving on Up, Moving on Out and Practice Makes Practice.

Over the two days we explored ideas around skill swapping and exchanged, and discussed different models of alternative art education.

Friday 10 February 2016

Skill Swap

A student from School of the Damned was be paired with a NewBridge or Newcastle based artist, with each having 2 hours to exchange skills.

Those participating were given a day to create an object or ‘artwork’ with their new-found skill, which was then presented on the Saturday evening in the Moving on Up, Moving on Out exhibition, as well as participating in flash-crits in the Project Space before hand..

Alternative Art Education, a discussion with Paul Stewart

We were joined by School of the Damned and Paul Stewart for a round table discussion looking at alternative forms of art education. The discussion had a seminar format, and provided an opportunity to explore new ideas around alternative learning, art schools and colleges.

Paul Stewart is an Artist, Curator and Writer based in London and Middlesbrough. He is the founder of the Alternative Art College, a PhD Candidate by Practice at Teesside University and a Digital Fellow at mima (Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art), curating the situation unit commissions (April – Sept 2015).

Saturday 11 February
Social and Skill Swap Exhibition

We were joined for a drink with School of the Damned in the Project Space, featuring brand new work made that day as a result of Friday’s Skill Swap.

Events Practice makes Practice