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Shift and Signal – Guided Walk and Podcast Recital: Restore the Soil

Thu 26th April 2018

Shift and Signal – Alex Lockwood

5 – 6.30pm

Start: Gates to St Ann’s Church, Battlefield, Breamish Street
End: Iris Brickfield Allotments, Whitefield Terrace, Heaton

£5 deposit | Please book here

According to the United Nations’ Food and Agricultural Organization, we may have only 60 seasons of soil left. If we don’t care for the earth–literally, the earth we can feel between our fingers–then as a global society we will collapse, and our species will die out before our grandchildren reach old age. This podcast looks at what we can do locally as well as globally, and what better ways of living we can practice if we want to restore the soil on which we depend for our food. 

Shift and Signal is a space to imagine how we can go deeper in our adaptations to the crises of the contemporary moment such as social inequality, climate change, and species extinction.

The project is an attempt to shift us beyond the usual stuck conversations about how we implement change, and signal towards better ways of living that are now appearing.


  • A download of the podcast on your listening device, e.g. phone or tablet
  • Headphones

Please let us know in advance if you need to borrow a listening device or headphones.

A £5 deposit is required, to be returned following the event.


Shift and Signal is a new commission by Dr Alex Lockwood, as part of Deep Adaptation. An ongoing programme of commissions, talks, events and workshops looking at how current social, civic and economic issues can be understood in relation to climate change.


5 - 6.30pm