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Deep Adaptation: Shift and Signal School

16 - 18 May 2018

The Shift and Signal School is three days of workshops, sharing, live recordings, and celebration of our commitment to work together for a flourishing future.


Shift and Signal is a commission by Dr Alex Lockwood, that creates a space in which to imagine how we can go deeper in our adaptations to the crises of the contemporary moment such as social inequality, climate change, and species extinction. The project is an attempt to shift us beyond the usual stuck conversations about how we implement change, and signal towards better ways of living that are now appearing.

Shift and Signal began as a series of audio narratives and explorations of our outer and inner spaces of living, a way to think deeply about our adaptations to climate change and the anxieties it brings. The project has quickly evolved, especially through connections with co-participants in creating the podcast narratives, and with those who’ve helped bring it to life on shared walks around our city. Building on this, we wanted to broaden and deepen the opportunities for talking, engaging and collaborating.

The Shift and Signal School is part of Deep Adaptation. An ongoing programme of commissions, talks, events and workshops looking at how current social, civic and economic issues can be understood in relation to climate change.

Bookshop Events Projects